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Laminate Flooring in Mentor, OH

Having a stylish, durable, and reliable floor doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There once was a time when laminate flooring wasn’t known for its good look. Times have certainly changed. Today’s laminate flooring, thanks to recent innovations, can realistically accomplish stunning visuals inspired by wood, tile, and stone. Carpet One Floor & Home of Mentor, OH, is proud to be your local laminate flooring destination.



Laminate vs Hardwood

For those who love natural hardwood but would prefer to avoid the hefty investment and upkeep, laminate flooring is a terrific alternative. In some cases, it’s even superior to its natural counterparts. With its sturdy, synthetic composition, laminate doesn’t rely on natural resources, so it’s considered sustainable. It’s built to endure heavy usage. With its protective top layer, laminate flooring simply wipes clean.


Since it’s constructed in layers, laminate boasts added stability and unlike actual hardwood, laminate flooring won’t show its age as the years go by. In fact, a quality laminate floor can easily outlive a floor made using natural hardwood.




Is Laminate Flooring Waterproof?

All laminate flooring is moisture resistant, and a select few options are 100% waterproof. Made to go anywhere, waterproof laminate flooring can be customized to fit all your favorite spaces. Waterproof laminate flooring can be installed in spaces where natural hardwood or stone simply isn’t compatible: places like bathrooms, kitchens, and finished basements.




Laminate Flooring Installation

You’ve found the perfect laminate flooring: now you’re ready to install it. We have great news for you: laminate flooring has several methods of installation. Many of them extremely user-friendly. Your laminate flooring can be glued or nailed to your subfloor, like traditional hardwood. An even simpler method compatible with certain laminate floors is the floating method. With a floating installation, your laminate planks or tiles will simply click together over your subfloor: no adhesive required.



Our Laminate Flooring Selection

Carpet One Floor & Home of Mentor, OH, has you and your laminate flooring needs completely covered. Our professional team of experienced flooring experts can you pick out perfect laminate flooring for your family, needs, and lifestyle. To find out more, please visit us soon at 7625 Mentor Avenue.






Learn More About Laminate

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Caring for Laminate Floors

Simple to care for and easy to clean, laminate flooring is a popular option for parents, pet-owners, and hectic households.