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Hardwood Flooring in Mentor, Ohio


If you’re looking for hardwood flooring near you, you’re not alone! Hardwood floors can elevate any space and add value to your home. Known for its natural beauty as well as its rich color selection, hardwood flooring is a staple for almost every homeowner. And if you’re like us at Carpet One Floor & Home of Mentor, OH, you know just how important choosing the right hardwood can be.


If you’re dreaming of hardwood floors for your home, we can help! Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your floor options.


What Are the Different Types of Hardwood Flooring?

There are two main types of hardwood floors to consider: engineered and solid hardwood, both of which have beneficial characteristics. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of each type.


Solid Hardwood Floors

  • Solid hardwood is beautiful and can add real estate value to your home. This is in part because the planks are designed to last for decades, or even longer.
  • They have a simple construction in which each plank is made from a single solid piece of premium wood.
  • They are usually thick enough to refinish for a brand-new floor over the years.
  • Solid hardwood floors work best in quiet areas that are not prone to moisture.


Engineered Hardwood Floors

  • Engineered hardwood is made by laminating together 3 to 7 layers of composite wood.
  • The top layer is a natural wood veneer, which is why solid and engineered floors look identical from the surface.
  • The sublayers are pressed together in a cross-grain direction.
  • Engineered planks are stabilized to prevent swelling in moisture-prone conditions.
  • Higher-quality engineered floors have thicker veneers that can be sanded down just as many times as solid wood.


Did you know? Our most popular hardwood species are hickory and oak. Ready to purchase your hardwoods? Get started with a FREE flooring estimate today!


Humidity vs Hardwood Flooring

During the winter, the air in your home can be dry, leading to gapping between your floorboards as the planks shrink. In humid months, swelling can cause your hardwood planks to buckle and cup.


Protect Your Hardwoods from Humidity

  • Keep windows closed during more humid seasons to protect your floors from expanding.
  • Use a humidifier and dehumidifier when appropriate to keep your wood floors in the best possible shape.
  • Keep the relative humidity of your home between 30% to 50%.


Quality Hardwood Flooring Installation

Of course, the most important part of having hardwood floors is not only the style and type but the installation process! Hardwood flooring is an investment, so it is recommended to have a professional install your floors.


Where Can Hardwood Floors be Installed?

Your hardwood floors will elevate your space and create a lasting impression. Be sure to ask your flooring expert where to install your flooring. We recommend avoiding areas prone to moisture, e.g., kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms.


Some areas to install hardwoods include:

  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallways
  • Stairs
  • And more!


Hardwood Flooring Tips

  • Gluing or stapling your hardwood floors will help prevent creaks or squeaks. This works for both solid hardwood and engineered.
  • Keep tabs on your home’s humidity levels throughout the year to ensure the longevity of your hardwoods.
  • Protecting your flooring from any scratches, dents, and spills is a good idea.
  • Make sure to also protect your investment with felt pads, rugs, and regular maintenance.


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