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Hardwood Flooring in Mentor, OH

When it comes time to choose a new floor, homeowners prefer hardwood flooring for unique style and character. In fact, nothing adds style, luxury, and, more importantly, value, to a home like hardwood flooring does. Carpet One Floor & Home of Mentor, OH, is your local hardwood expert, as we offer a vast selection of high-quality styles. Let’s take a closer look at hardwood flooring in all its lovely forms.



Best Hardwood Flooring Styles

Modern hardwood flooring brings endless style possibilities. Whether your desired look is vintage-inspired or modern sleek, there are hardwood floors to fit the bill. Choose from a rainbow of colors and finishes, ranging from bright and glossy to rustic and weathered. There are wide planks as well as streamlined boards in a variety of lengths and widths.



Hardwood Species

Hardwood floors are sourced from distinctive tree species both exotic and domestic. Domestic hardwood flooring favorites include pine and oak, while exotic options include bamboo and cork. Bamboo and cork flooring are prized for their renewable nature, as well as their antibacterial qualities. Our experts can help you find the perfect type of hardwood flooring, based on your budget, and needs.



What is Engineered Hardwood?

When you shop with us, you’ll find a wide range of hardwood selections to choose from, including solid and engineered hardwood flooring options. Expansion and contraction can be an issue for homes in our region, but we can help you find a new floor that can counteract that natural tendency.


Solid hardwood floors feature characteristics that cannot be replicated by any other flooring option. It features a simple but time-tested construction that is usually three-fourths” thick. The thickness of the plank plays critical roles in your home including being a sound insulator. Solid hardwood’s simple construction lets you refinish to increase its lifecycle. When it comes to refinishing solid hardwood, you can only go as far as the tongue on the edge of the plank. Solid hardwood floors add value to your home because of its unmatched characteristics. Solid hardwood floors need to be installed in dry and cool areas of your home such as your bedroom, living room, or home office. Installation options include nail down and tongue and groove.


Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed with a modern design. These planks feature three to seven layers that are pressed together cross-grain generating a stable plank. Due to this layered construction, engineered hardwood is more stable. It can resist hardwood’s natural tendency to react to changes in moisture and humidity. The modern construction of engineered hardwood allows you to install it in more places around your home than solid hardwood. It is still not recommended for rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms because it is still a wood product. Engineered hardwood floors can be installed in your home in unusual ways including floating floors, nail down, and tongue and groove.



Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring can be tedious to install so it’s no wonder that most homeowners opt for a professional installation. Since the average homeowners aren’t as handy with nails, hammers, and sanders, professional installation assures a seamless result. A professional installation means you won’t ever face the prospect of losing out on warranty coverage or having your new floor show wear before its time. Our onsite team of professional flooring installers can help you realize your hardwood flooring dreams with minimal inconvenience.




Our Hardwood Floor Selection

Carpet One of Mentor is proud to be part of the world’s leading independent flooring cooperative. We carry all the hottest hardwood flooring brands, and our expert services will bring you back for more. Please visit us soon at 7625 Mentor Avenue to browse our hardwood flooring displays.





Learn More About Hardwood


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Caring for Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood floors are a lifetime commitment, but this isn’t as time-consuming as you think. Here are healthy hardwood habits to ensure a brighter future for your floors.