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Area Rugs at Carpet One Floor & Home

Benefits of Area rugs

Area rugs and carpet remnants are a common addition to floors such as hardwood or tile. There are a lot of reasons why area rugs are a popular accessory in homes, and they do more than just cover up existing flooring. Many home owners purchase area rugs for decorative purposes. They can bring together different elements of a room making it seem more unified. But area rug benefits go beyond style, and we’ll tell you how.


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Area Rug Trends

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Comfortable Rugs


Carpet is obviously softer than hardwood or tile, and may agree that carpet is more comfortable to stand on. Not only are area rugs and carpet remnants soft, but they are also flexible and can absorb the impact of walking, taking pressure off of your body. 

Grounding Aspect


When properly placed, area rugs and carpet remnants can assist in anchoring furniture, which in turn creates an intimate space. In rooms such as family rooms, the area rug should be large enough for the main pieces of furniture to at least have their front legs on.

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Area rugs can reduce noise in your space, not only is it more quiet to walk on, but it can also absorb noise from the air reducing echoes. Hard surface floors don’t absorb sound, so laying down an area rug can make a big difference. 


Warmth of Area Rugs


Not only are area rugs and carpet remnants soft, they are also warm compared to hard surface flooring. Carpet has a greater insulating value, meaning carpet can retain heat keeping your bare feet cozy through the winter months.

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