STAINMASTER's supreme strength and stain resistance

STAINMASTER's Difference

STAINMASTER carpet Mentor, OH

Carpet One Mentor carries some of the most reputable names in carpet, including Bigelow STAINMASTER. Bigelow STAINMASTER possesses all of STAINMASTER’s unique stain resistant qualities, such as the special fibers, anti-static technology, and stain and soil protection.

Type 6.6 Nylon Fiber: The type 6.6 nylon fiber in Bigelow STAINMASTER carpets is the toughest available in any carpet. These special fibers have a very tight molecular structure, and this makes the carpet inherently stain resistant and strong.

Anti-Static Technology: Many carpets available on the market today actually attract static electricity. Nonetheless, the nylon fiber construction of STAINMASTER carpets has a carbon filament that actively draws the static electricity charge away from the surface of the carpet. In other words, the special carbon filament acts as a lightning rod to keep the surface static free.

Stain Protection: The superior stain protection of STAINMASTER carpets is an important feature. The stain protection will never wash off, so it never needs to be put on again. Not even steam cleaning will affect the stain protection of the carpet! As a result, a Bigelow STAINMASTER carpet will always resist stains and spills, so the surface will most certainly remain clean.

To see Bigelow STAINMASTER’s advantages first hand, be sure to visit our Mentor, OH showroom today!