Soho Studio Tile

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Super-Stylish Tiles

Are you looking for quality decorative tile to add to a kitchen backsplash or custom shower? Be sure to visit Carpet One Mentor to check out our selection of Soho Studio tile. Soho Studio offers a great selection of mosaic and other decorative tiles that are perfect for home settings. We especially love the Micro Mosaics collection and the Water Jet collection!

Micro Mosaics

The Micro Mosaics collection from Soho Studio features a few different mosaic tile options. These mosaic tiles, because of their small shapes and sizes, are referred to as micro mosaic tiles. Micro mosaic tiles are great for adding custom style to your home setting.

Our two featured styles on display are Floral Bianco and Floral Carrara. Floral Bianco tiles have a polished marble construction, and they have a random chip size for a unique design. Likewise, Floral Carrara tiles have a random chip size, but they are made from traditional marble. Floral Carrara tiles also have a dark grey color, while Floral Bianco tiles are brighter.

Visit Soho Studio’s website to learn more about Floral Bianco and Floral Carrara.

Water Jet

The Water Jet collection gets its name from its manufacturing process. The tiles are actually cut using water jets, and this process results in rather intricate edges and designs.

We have MJ Amina tiles on display in our showroom. These tiles feature a polished marble construction, but they do not have the floral designs of Floral Bianco tiles. Rather, MJ Amina tiles have a more simple appearance with bardiglio dots.

Learn more about MJ Amina tiles.