Best Carpet for Pets 

We understand that your pet is just as much a part of your family as your children. Carpet One Floor & Home in Mentor, OH caters to all kinds of families and households by carrying pet proof and pet friendly flooring solutions. Families with active lifestyles and pets need a durable and easy to clean floor. Types of pet proof flooring include tile, luxury vinyl, and even carpet flooring. You read that right - carpet can be a durable surface that is resistant to your pet’s accidents

Types of Pet Proof Flooring

A pet friendly floor is one that is strong and durable. Having a stain resistant floor means you do not have to panic when you cannot get to an accident right away. You may not think carpet is the best pet friendly flooring option, but compared to other types of flooring it is the ultimate option. Pet friendly carpets are made with stain and odor protection, so when you have guests over they’ll never be able to tell the living room is your four-legged friend’s domain.

There is no need to sacrifice comfort for performance when you can have both. Our exclusive carpet brands such as Lees®; and Tigressra® are specifically made with pets in mind. They feature the ultimate stain resistance, and can be easily cleaned. Our exclusive brand Tigressá H2O™ is a revolutionary waterproof carpet that not only protects itself but also your sub floor from permanent damage.

When you choose pet friendly flooring from our exclusive Carpet One Floor & Home collections, you are not only choosing a carpet that is made with quality in mind, but you are also getting a carpet at an exceptional value. Our brands are backed by award winning and exclusive warranties meaning your new carpet is backed by quality and value.

Tigressa Carpets