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Home Design Services

We do more than just flooring at Carpet One Mentor! You know us for providing quality products and the best name brands in the industry, but we also bring you top quality services as well. Your home is made up of more than just flooring and we cater to that. We specialize in the Carpet One exclusive Healthier Living Installation System, where we eliminate dust, dirt and other particles that linger after an installation. Because your home is made up of more than just flooring, we even offer design services so you can make your house into the home of your dreams!


Top Home Design Ideas

In addition to bringing you quality flooring, we also help you design the home of your dreams! Let us take the guess work out of designing while you sit back!

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House Flipping Services

Learn about our house flipping services and special flooring offers. 

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Invincible H20

Healthier Living Installations

This Carpet One exclusive service was created with your health in mind! Special antimicrobial treatments protect you and your floors from mold and airborne particles from lingering in your home. 

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Residential Flooring Installation

After you picked out your new flooring, the next step is getting it installed. We have a professional team of installers ready to get the job done right for you.

Residential Flooring

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