Laminate Flooring

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Advantages of Laminate

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In the past, it was definitely easy to tell the difference between laminate and hardwood, tile, and stone. The looks and textures simply weren’t realistic. Nowadays, because of advances in technology, laminate flooring looks pretty much the same as wood, tile, and stone. Why is laminate often an even better option than its natural counterparts?

Surface Durability

Laminate has a top layer, called the wear layer, that is specially-made to protect against scratches and impacts better than wood, stone, and tile. In fact, the only material considered more durable than laminate’s wear layer is real diamond! Some laminate manufacturers offer extra features such as premium scratch and resistance, but all wear layers, regardless of brand, are exceptionally durable.


Unlike hardwood, stone, and tile, laminate includes a few different layers that are fused together. One of these layers is the core layer, and it provides extra support against foot traffic and other impacts. This is particularly important with laminate wood flooring, since dimensional stability is sometimes an issue with real hardwood. Laminate wood flooring is strong and stable, so it can handle heavy foot traffic much better than hardwood.


After choosing the right laminate floor, the next question almost always involves how to install laminate flooring. Laminate can be glued or nailed to the subfloor like hardwood, but there are some easier installation options available. Certain laminate floors can be installed using the floating method, in which the planks or tiles easily “click” together and seem to float over the subfloor without any adhesive.


It is certainly important to consider how to clean laminate floors. Laminate, because it is more durable than wood, stone, and tile, is also much easier to maintain. Only routine sweeping is required to keep the surface clean, and this is really only necessary in areas with high levels of traffic. Also, since most wear layers are sealed to protect against stains, spills can simply be wiped from the surface.