Johnson Hardwood

Reliable hardwood floors made with sustainability in mind

Advantages of Johnson Hardwood

Johnson Hardwood Mentor, OH

We at Carpet One Mentor are definitely excited about our selection of quality hardwood flooring from Johnson Hardwood. Johnson, which manufactures most of its hardwood in the United States, offers premium quality and performance that are preferred for home settings. Why is Johnson a preferred manufacturer?

Handcrafted Quality

Johnson is one of the few hardwood flooring manufacturers to offer handcrafted style and quality. All Johnson hardwood floors are precision-milled, which means that each and every aspect of manufacturing is closely monitored to meet quality standards. Also, after the hardwood floors are milled, they are handcrafted and hand-stained. What results are hardwood floors that have unique and customized looks.

Quality Wood

Johnson only utilizes quality wood throughout its entire hardwood selection. It finds woods with unique grain patterns, and it also ensures that all woods meet strict durability guidelines. Johnson hardwood floors are therefore stylish, strong, and stable, so they will definitely be able to accommodate your own home setting. Furthermore, Johnson uses domestic and exotic wood species. We especially love Johnson’s hickory selections!


When it comes to eco-friendliness, Johnson is certainly an industry leader. Johnson, for example, harvests over a quarter of its logs from trees that have stopped growing. Also, whenever Johnson does harvest from a living tree, it plants a new one. All of this means that Johnson is committed to preserving and maintaining forests. In addition, when Johnson  manufactures its hardwood, it does not use harmful chemicals. As a result, all Johnson hardwood floors contribute to clean air, so they are healthy enough for your home and for your family.

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