COREtec Plus

Luxury vinyl's next revolution

Why Choose COREtec Plus

COREtec Plus Mentor, OH

Carpet One Mentor is your home to the complete line of COREtec Plus. COREtec Plus is certainly one of the most innovative flooring options available today, as it offers natural style with long-lasting performance.

COREtec Plus flooring is composed of four different layers, all of which serve an important purpose. The top layer, which is called the wear layer, offers tremendous protection to help the floor stand up to commercial traffic. Also, the wear layer is stain resistant and very easy to clean. The next layer is the luxury vinyl layer, which is durable and gives the floor its natural look. The third and fourth layers are truly what set COREtec Plus apart. The third layer, known as the core structure, is waterproof and will not expand or contract, regardless of external conditions. There's a final layer of cork underlayment, which provides added sound insulation, absorbs floor imperfections, and resists mold and mildew.

Our Selection

Like we mentioned before, we offer the full line of COREtec Plus options, including COREtec Plus, XL, HD, and Design.

COREtec Plus: COREtec Plus is available in 5” and 7” wide planks, as well as 12”x24” tiles. All COREtec Plus options feature the core structure and cork underlayment.

COREtec Plus XL: COREtec Plus XL has all of the benefits of COREtec Plus, but it is available in 9’ wide and 6’ long planks.

COREtec Plus HD: For the most part, COREtec Plus HD is the same as COREtec Plus, but it is available in a few different visuals. Also, it has a 4-sided painted micro bevel edge for authentic wood looks.

COREtec Plus Design: When it comes to style and design, COREtec Plus Design definitely stands out. It features multi-width and multi-tone planks for truly unique looks.

To see COREtec Plus in action, visit our Mentor, OH showroom today!