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Carpet continues to be one of the most popular flooring options in residential and commercial settings because of its style and comfort. No other flooring option offers quite the same design versatility, and no other option offers as much comfort underfoot as well. We at Carpet One Floor & Home Mentor are therefore happy to be your neighborhood carpet experts! We have one of the area’s largest selections of quality carpets, and we also provide design and carpet installation services. Let us make you the perfect choice!

Why Should I Choose Carpet?

As we mentioned before, carpet is popular in residential settings such as homes and commercial settings such as offices. There are, however, differences between residential and commercial carpets. In residential settings, style and comfort are most important, so we recommend choosing berber carpet, shag carpet, or frieze carpet. Berber carpet is the most versatile, as it is stylish and durable enough for most settings. Shag carpet is softer but less durable, whereas frieze carpet is harder underfoot and more durable. No matter which option you choose, there will certainly be a plethora of different colors and patterns from which to choose.

Level loop carpet has a dense, low profile, which makes it great for heavily-trafficked areas.

 shop level loop carpet

Patterned carpet is made of loops and cut fibers of varying heights, resulting in unique patterns.

shop patterned carpet

Textured carpet has longer fibers resulting in a casual look that's great for home settings.

 shop textured carpet

Frieze carpet has long, twisted yarns, and these create dimension and sensation underfoot.

 shop frieze carpet

Plush, or velvet, carpet has a more formal appearance because of its thick construction.

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Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpet, as you probably can imagine, needs to be extra-durable to handle the foot traffic you’d expect from commercial settings. As a result, commercial carpet tends to be harder underfoot, and it certainly is stain resistant. Carpet tiles are popular in commercial settings because, although they have a real carpet construction, they are easy to install and maintain.

Lees carpet             Tigressa Cherish carpet

Innovia Xtreme Clean carpet

In addition, we provide quality design services to make sure that your new carpet fits perfectly into your desired setting. And, we’ll be sure to work with your own interior designer if necessary!  Learn more about our interior design services.

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When Should I Replace my Carpet?

An old dingy carpet can make your home look unappealing. Freshen up your home with a new carpet from us! We can help you tell if it is time to replace your old carpets.

Carpet Replacement
Tigressa Carpet

Different Types of Carpet

Depending on the type of carpet you choose can determine how it’ll function in your home. Learn about the different carpet types and which one would work best for you.

Types of Carpet

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