• Jan 29, 2016
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2016 Trends from MasterBrand Cabinets

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From trendy colors to clever features, beauty meets function in the world of cabinetry in 2016. The experts at MasterBrand Cabinets compiled a list of trends that will not only add aesthetic appeal as a part of your home’s décor, but will truly have you stepping up your organizational game. These trends can be implemented to existing cabinetry, or perhaps they’ll inspire a complete overhaul. We’ll leave that for you to decide.

Cabinetry Trends 2016

Images 1 through 5 showcase Masterbrand Cabinets.

1. Warm-Toned Gray

The ever-so-popular gray color is warming up a bit. You’ll be seeing warm-toned grays and taupes taking over in cabinetry. This trendy look easily matches a number of design styles and creates a modern, yet welcoming feel within the home.

2. Broadening Your Cabinetry Horizons

Cabinets have been a staple in the kitchen and bath for decades. But, why stop there? This year, we will see the inclusion of cabinetry in more than just your traditional spaces. Homeowners are beginning to receive the benefits of beautiful, built-in organization in their living rooms, dining area, and bedrooms.

3. Open Concept Cabinetry 

Open cabinetry and shelving allows room for the large, odd-shaped items that you’ve always had trouble finding space for. This type of cabinetry works wonders in the kitchen for items like appliances - opening for functionality and closing to conceal clutter. In the bathroom, large fluffy towels are easily accessible yet out of sight.

4. Maximizing Interior Organization

If you’re leaning toward a complete overhaul, custom cabinetry storage is the way to go. By building custom spaces, you’re ensuring a place for anything and everything you can think of store, leading to maximized interior organization.

5. Inclusion of Technology in the Kitchen

Technology is here to stay and kitchen cabinetry is now accommodating our devices by incorporating charging docks, tablet stands and computer desks into beautiful cabinetry.

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