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About Hardwood Flooring 

When it comes time to choose a new floor, homeowners love choosing hardwood flooring because of its unique style and character. In fact, nothing seems to add style, luxury, and, more importantly, value, to a home more than hardwood. Carpet One Mentor is your local hardwood expert, as we offer a great selection of high-quality styles. We offer Carpet One exclusive brands such as Invincible and Rustic River. Invincible is available in a wide variety of wood looks, whereas Rustic River is available in worn, high-character looks. Also, we have hardwood styles from Johnson Hardwood, Kraus, and Anderson.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Did you know that there are two different hardwood options that are available? Solid hardwood, which is the more traditional option, features a uniform construction, as the wood planks are made from single strips of wood. These planks are rather thick, so solid hardwood can be refinished multiple times. Nowadays, however, homeowners typically opt for engineered hardwood because of its special construction. Engineered hardwood is made from multiple wood layers, so it is more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood. This means that engineered hardwood can be installed below, on, or above ground, and it can handle some levels of moisture and even floor-level heat.

Nonetheless, although engineered hardwood is more durable than solid hardwood, we do recommend installing it in areas with low to moderate levels of foot traffic and little moisture. Bedrooms and living rooms are therefore suitable places for hardwood.

Furthermore, we offer other wood options such as bamboo and cork. Learn more about hardwood by visiting our Carpet One Floor & Home showroom in Mentor, OH. 

Hardwood Benefits

Rustic River hardwood

Best Hardwood for your Home

Choosing the best hardwood for your home can be made easy. Just assess the needs of your home and find a hardwood floor that is functional and stylish. 

Best Hardwood Flooring
Rustic River hardwood

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Choosing between solid and engineered hardwood can be tricky. We have the expert advice to walk you through your decision.

Learn About Hardwood Types

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